What You Need for Your Camping Trip

As travel costs skyrocket and people try to be more conscious about what they spend on their travel and vacationmore, more and vacation people are switching to shorter vacations, trips which are closer to home and more affordable types of vacations as ways to have fun. This has caused many people to turn on the notion of camping as a way to spend their vacation time. Camping can be a great experience, a thrilling time for everyone and a way to go through the outdoors and nature like you may not reach do normally. When you are planning your camping trip, there are some essential items that you are likely to want to be sure you have to make your holiday the best it can be.


You Need More Than a Tent – While a tent is a critical piece for camping so you do want to make sure you have one that is the appropriate size for you and anyone with you, there are also some essentials which are along with obtaining the right tent. Having a ground cloth or tarp to set under your tent does really make a difference. This is particularly true with regards to keeping the moisture out of the bottom from the tent. You may even want to bring a shade tarp along with you so you have some protection from sunlight or rain. You do not desire to forget to poles, rope and stakes for your tarp or tent and having extra stakes around is never an unsatisfactory idea. An axe or a hammer to aid drive stakes in is vital too.


The Right Bedding – For a few people having sleeping bags is all they need to be comfortable in their tent. In case you are hiking in to your camping area and possess to carry all of your supplies along with you, this may be the ideal way to go for you. You might want to consider owning an air mattress, cots or sleeping pads for some added comfort, if you are car camping. Don’t forget a pump so you do have a way to inflate it plus it never hurts to have a number of repair kits in case your mattress should spring a leak if you are bringing an air mattress. Remember to bring pillows along with a blanket at the same time so you can be comfy.

Cooking Essentials – Your foods will depend a lot on what you want to eat and the way you plan to prepare. If you are hiking you may have limited room and are cooking over a fire or even a small camp stove. Car camping will give you more flexibility to bring a bigger camp stove and more supplies. In any case ensure you have adequate cooking gear, the right utensils for cooking and eating and a cooler for perishable items.


Going camping is a lot of fun and does require plenty of planning from you. You can find basic essentials lists all over the Internet to provide you with ideas of things you should look at bringing along. You also want to consider the type of car you have, how much you can fit in it and whether it can get you forth and back. Now might be a good time to go to the Chevrolet Rancho Cucamonga dealership and look at the right vehicle for your and you family for your trip. You can find new and used options on trucks and cars at http://www.mtvchevy.com/ so you can be certain to pack everything required for the best camping trip possible.