The Things You Need to Know for a Small Band Tour

When you and the boys are ready to hit the road and bring you music to the good people of this great land, you should know a few things. It’s not so easy out there, but it doesn’t have to be too hard either. You can either learn the hard way and burn some bridges along the way, or you can do it right the first time. The thing we would recommend is to do it right the first time! Here are some thing you can learn and do ahead of time and on your first little tour so that you can make the most out of it.

The Road Is Hard

As Tenacious D would tell you, the road is hard. However, it can be a lot less hard if you make it comfortable. We know of many bands that have fallen apart merely because they didn’t take proper care to make their travel accommodations comfortable. They would cram into one of the guy’s SUV’s and just cram in. That’s fine if you’re going to the club down the street, but if you have a 360 mile day, that SUV is going to feel like a living tomb all too quickly. If no one in the band has a good travel car, you definitely want to budget in a rental. At a place like avon truck, you can rent a van fairly affordably. Not only with the van house all your gear for the tour, but you won’t have to put the wear and tear on any one person’s car and you can all be on the same equal footing and be comfortable for the whole run.


Get Details If Someone Offers You To Stay With Them

Part of being on the road is making friends and crashing with folks who are generous enough to let you stay with them. However, many people think that just having a place is the same thing as having a place that has comfortable situation for people to stay with them. A floor does not qualify as a place for someone to stay. So if someone says they can house you, it’s not rude to ask what they have for soft spots. If they say they have a futon and a couch for the four of you, that’s no good. If they have a spare room, a blow up mattress, a couch and a futon, then maybe you’re in business. One terrible night sleep on a cold floor can really ruin a short or long tour.

All Gear is Everyone’s Gear

Another thing that differs from when you’re just playing a show at a local venue is that on tour, everyone’s gear is the band’s gear. When it comes to load in and load out, you can’t just bring your acoustic in and head to the bar. You have to help the drummer, too. All the gear is the whole band’s responsibility, on both ends of the loading procedure. You’re a band, a team, and the more you act it, the better for everyone.