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Caring for Your Brand-new UTV Tilt Windshield

UTV Tilt Windshield

So you have got a new Lexan UTV tilt windshield and you also want to ensure that is stays hunting shiny and also scratch-free. In the event you selected the windshield wherever close to hard since your UTV, which must not be too difficult. Merely follow these kinds of simple tips to keep the windshield looking like brand-new.

Above all, buy the right windshield! It could be too late in your case, but when you’ve got however to choose your current tilt windshield choose a single from the organization famous for regularly creating a good quality product. Because of its light-weight, longevity, along with low-cost, Lexan could be the substance preferred by UTV front windshields, so look for a producer having a n established report working with Lexan.

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Factory UTV Door Inserts

The introduction of the new RZR XP 1000 is the most exciting thing to happen to the UTV industry in the last 5 years, and the recent bump to 110 HP has kept this wicked side by side competitive even with Can Am’s new Maverick Turbo.  The vehicle is excellent right off the factory floor, with an in-dash GPS, 14 position click adjustable shocks, 29 inch tires and more.  Still, everyone likes a little customization, and the half doors that come with the XP1000 are not everyone’s bag. For those who appreciate a set of quality full doors, Factory UTV has recently released full door inserts for both the XP 1000 and the XP4 1000.

These new door inserts work for botht he new 900S and the two seater XP 1000 RZR...

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Polaris Brutus Automobile Release


Polaris has come up with an answer to David Deere’s Gator business UTV and it’s name will be Brutus. This kind of animal are equipped for just about any work tossed advertising online. It is packaged in three the latest models of and its the front PTO method associated with devices handle various careers that in the past required a complete number of automobiles. Seventy one designs are driven with a Twenty-four hp diesel engine engine through Yanmar, a story in the robust diesel engine industry. Polaris makes history using Brutus by entering the professional part with the market with the 1st front end PTO next to each other commercial car. The Brutus gives the Steve Deere Gator the run for its money with Brutus plus a number of attachments hardly any other UTV can easily feel.

Polaris pr...

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