I’ll Stick with My Pit Bull

People are very steadfast in their opinions and stances on many things. Politics, religion, music, movies, food and many other areas can quickly serve as polarizing points of conversation at a dinner party. However, there is another debate that also sets people on their ears and makes them choose strongly for one side or the other. This argument is between cats and dogs. While there are some people that will always be cat lovers more than anything else, there is a strong argument that can be made that shows just why dogs are better pets than cats for the majority of people everywhere.

  • Dogs are Social – When you are out somewhere with your dog, studies show you are far more likely to engage in some type of social interaction versus when you are alone. Walking with your dog will naturally draw other dog-loving people towards you and they are more likely to stop and engage you in conversation with a dog by your side. Cats are not nearly the same way, mainly because many do not like to be walked on a leash and they can be rather standoffish, even to their owners.
    • Dogs Make You Exercise – When you have a dog, your dog is going to need to be walked. This more than just to take your dog outside for a bathroom break; they need to walk around and get their exercise and, in most places, cannot do this alone. This means you are going to have to walk with them, forcing you into a situation where you are getting exercise and staying healthier whether you intended to or not.

  • Dogs are Loyal – As soon as your dog enters your home, he or she is part of your family and considers everyone to be part of their “”pack.”” This helps to solidify a sense of loyalty in the dog to stand with you, follow you where you go and protect you if needed. Cats do not seem to feel this same sense of loyalty and are just as happy to be left alone.
    • Dogs will Play – While it is true that some cats will engage in play, it is not on the same level as a dog will play with you. Dogs get very enthusiastic about playing with anyone and will play to completely interact with you for long periods of time. Cats can be just as happy playing on their own and may not need you to be involved at all.

The final decision on which pet works best for you will be with you personally, but for those who are looking for much more of a companion pet, a dog does seem to be the better choice. They are happy to travel with you when you hit the road in your car and look forward to getting to their next adventure. This means you want to be sure that you have a car that is safe, reliable and can comfortably fit your dog along the way. It may be time for you to look for a new vehicle to fit the bill and the fiat orange county dealer at www.ocfiat.com can have just what you need to keep and the rest of your pack happy.