How to Be Adorable – A Guide To Being Cute and Thought of as Cute

Sometimes there are guys who only like girls who are cute and adorable. There’s something about that cute and adorable girl that drives us guys wild. So if you want to attract a guy who’s like that, whose stomach will knot up around you, and he’ll bumble his words and be smitten because of your sheer cuteness, then this is for you. You need to learn up and brush up how to be like that. Anyone can do, it’s not some god given talent, it’s just something that has to be learned and appreciated and even practiced. Here’s what you can do.

Surround Yourself By Platonic Guy Friends

If you are sitting by yourself, it won’t be that cute. But if you have a ton of dudes around you at all times whom you keep strictly platonic, that will up your cute stock big time. Other guys looking in will be enamored and even jealous of all those guys, but they shouldn’t be, because those fawning guys won’t stand a chance with you, since you keep them at bay. You can lament to them that you are single and wish you had a guy, when you’re literally surrounded by a dozen men who would cut off their own leg to just have a night with you. But that’s the whole point. They don’t realize that their very existence in your circle relies on the fact that they have no chance. That’s the beauty of it. You’ll look much cuter to a guy you might actually want to be with.

Get Behind the Wheel of an Adorable Car

If you fancy driving a big old truck, that’s going to be a costly mistake. Sure you’ll be able to haul everything you need around in the back, but you will not be able to attract the man’s man who wants to take care of you because you are so adorable. You have to drive something cute, more befitting of your cute nature. For example, if you head into Toyota Newport, you’ll probably see a bunch of lame mom and dad cars, but then your eyes will fix on to the Prius C, the most adorable and cute little car there is. Don’t believe us? Check out and you’ll see. Guys will never be able to resist a cute girl in a car like that.


What’s cuter than bangs? Nothing. A girl with bangs is so cute. It’s because it’s a little girl hair cut, and so here’s a woman with womanly parts, but then the face is perfectly outlined by this adorable hair cut, with these sharp and purposeful bangs. It’s enough to drive a man insane. There are other sexy hair cuts for sure, but nothing is as alluring and cute as a nice set of shapely bangs. Want to attract a mate? Cut those front hairs short and let your eyes sparkle in the moonlight. Bangs. They are so dang cute.