How Do You Get a Limo Driving Job?

I was just curious about this, because I found out that this guy I used to go to school with is driving a limo now. He used to be a really crazy guy when I knew back home in Upstate New York. I would not have trusted him with a bicycle back when I knew him, because he used to do a lot of crazy stuff. Now some person is willing to trust him with a limo in Toronto. It turns out that it is not all that hard to get a license to drive one of those, although you can not have much on your record that they can hold against you. Obviously you can not have a bad driving record, mostly because of the insurance company. I am guessing that a lot of these limos are worth about as much as a small house. It can be about as easy to maneuver one of these things as a house also. Some of them are around thirty feet long from the looks of and them do not have a good turning radius.

The other thing is that you need to be able to pass a criminal background check. I do not know if they check to see if you are mentally stable or whatever, but it seems like they might be thinking about that. A guy who is driving a vehicle like this is going to need to be well prepared and he is going to have to be able to plan ahead and to keep calm when people drive like maniacs, as people usually do. It would be a bad thing if you had a guy with a short fuse driving your expensive limo and got in to some sort of road rage nonsense because another jerk cut him off.