Check the Laws in Your City

If you’re hoping to buy train horns for your car, it would definitely be wise to look up the local laws in your area just to make sure that you can actually have them installed onto your vehicle. My brother had this problem recently – it wasn’t even a truck that he regularly uses but due to a problem of an influx of deer around our home, he wanted to be able to scare them off without having to get near them. So he packed a train horn onto his truck while he was out doing surveys on our property.

On a stretch near the local police department, really just a couple of cops that share a single car, my brother used the horn to startle some of the deer off the road. Well, apparently this really freaked out the cops! For some reason they actually thought that a train derailed, I guess it startled them that much. In any event they instead found only my brother and his truck, pulling him over with demands that he removed the horn from his truck. He didn’t know at the time of installation that there was a law against the usage of train horns of any kind, because of that exact reason; mistaken derailment.

Personally, I think they’re useful. If we’re on our property doing surveys as we do every year, it’s easier to scare off some animals with a horn like that. But the cops won’t have any of it, even if we’re on our own land, so we’ll just have to stick with using air cans – which are even more annoying. Don’t make the same mistake we did, it’s no fun having the cops on you because of something absurd like this. Just be careful where you use it and why!