Better Avoid Being Behind These People When Commuting To Work

Commuting to work in the morning can be enough of a hassle for many individuals. Just having to get up early and get going only to end up sitting in traffic along the way might be incredibly frustrating picnic either, with just as much traffic at night as there is each day in many places. In fact, nearly the only time there seems to be considered a lull is later each day. Unfortunately, even at this time you are bound to come across traffic problems, namely the people out driving that you hate the most to have stuck behind in traffic. Here are just a couple of examples of the people you need to watch out for that can throw you into road rage quickly.

When you run into him at the supermarket, in the bank, the post office or just about anywhere else he is as nice and as friendly as can be, that old Man in the Hat – You have probably seen him on the road many times and. However, when you get stuck behind him in traffic you can feel your hypertension start to rise. There he sits, slowly driving along, sometimes even in the left lane, usually doing ten mph or so under the speed limit, oblivious to what is going on around him. When you do finally get to pass him you will see that he looks to be about 110 years of age and is always wearing some type of hat or cap.

The Dwarf Driver – While this type of driver might not really be a dwarf, the fact is whenever you look at the car in front of you sputtering along when you start to steam you notice that it seems like there is not any one driving the car. You cannot see the rear of anyone’s head sticking out over the head rest of the driver’s seat yet somehow the car is magically moving along at a snail’s pace. Whenever you finally obtain a clear spot to pass them, you look over and usually visit a woman that will barely see over the steering wheel, looking like a compact child playing one of those driving arcade games.

The Rental Truck – It does not seem to matter what time you hit the road nevertheless, you invariably come across one of those little box trucks on the highway. Whether it is a young person moving to their new apartment or going to college, someone moving that family room set they bought at a yard sale or other people that needed a truck for the day, these trucks can spell disaster for you. Often the people driving along could be from out of state rather than really sure where they can be going. Before and are generally trouble just waiting to take place to you, throw on top of that they may have never driven a truck of this size.

The very best way for you to steer clear of the traffic problems you can have is to make sure you have the kind of car that has some pep to get past them easily. If your car seems to be lagging, it may be time for you to head over to a Ford Glendora dealer to consider something else. You can find great new and used options available at so you can get what you should stay away from the drivers such as this.